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So what is The Kush Exchange?

We get asked this question frequently and we understand why. Our store is unique, we offer a variety of brands that is part of The Kush Exchange.

For example 'YaJa's Gourmet Coffee & Chocolates'- that's our small batch roast to order brand with its own category BUT is sold exclusively through The Kush Exchange.

Now, why did we do it? Well, the short answer is because we wanted to. Just that simple! See, think of it like this, Proctor & Gamble have several divisions with their own identity BUT are under the Proctor and Gamble umbrella. For instance, Pampers is its own brand but is under the P & G umbrella. As with Bounce and Charmin. So, we (The Kush Exchange family) have the same mindset that you can be a black-owned business that has several brands under a conglomerate umbrella. That's who we are... a conglomerate of brands with handmade flair.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention the head of our Black-Owned conglomerate 'Q-endeavors, LLC. Q Endeavors stands for Quality Endeavors. Quality Endeavors' main focus is to support all brands within the umbrella; The Kush Exchange, YaJa's Gourmet Coffee & Chocolates, Kush Health, Men of Kush, Kush Bawdy, Clean Hands, Comfort Tees and Kush Home & Lifestyle.

Since we have an understanding of our conglomerate, let's talk about how our brands can complement every facet of your lifestyle...

Starting with YaJa's. Our Gourmet Coffee & Chocolate line gives you 7 delicious choices from the diaspora; Ethiopian Genesis, Papua New Guinea, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Haiti, Jamaican Sunrise, and Guatemala Chilero! All 7 options are some of the best fresh-roasted coffee you ever tasted!

Our chocolates are the perfect pairing with our small-batch freshly roasted coffee and range from 'don't- look- at- the- scale good' to 'hey, I think I still lost a couple of pounds!'

Starting with our Chocolove gift box... This delectable delight of goodness is not only delicious but also so pretty! While you're salivating over that don't forget about the Dark chocolate with Shortbread and Seasalt, OMG! For our weight-conscious people (even DURING COVID-19), we have Dry Roasted Pistachio in Chocolate! The best thing about this chocolate bar is that it doesn't sacrifice the taste.

Ooh, for the salted caramel lovers we have dark chocolate filled with salted caramel bar from Chocolove... One word YUMMY! We have so much more to choose from. Also, be on the lookout for more delicious chocolates that we will feature.

Our Kush Health brand focuses on Seamoss Flakes and Nectar. Also, Soursop (coming soon). As you know, Seamoss yields great benefits. Mostly, people use it as a gel and scoop it in their favorite drinks and soups. We love seamoss so much that we found another way of using it.

Enter Seamoss Flakes. Our seamoss flakes and nectar (coming soon) are one of a kind. You can top the flakes on your food and still add it to your favorite hot or cold beverage. Our nectar is the ultimate way to trick your smartest child. There's no taste and no smell and will easily mix into your child's favorite drink.

Then we have our highly anticipated brand Men of Kush. MoK is dedicated for men but loved by women. Our brand will of course have beard oils, pomades, and shaving cream but also products for the blue-collar and white-collar men. We are really excited about how men (especially black men) will be represented through our Men of Kush line.

Our Kush Bawdy and Naturista lines are gearing up for later this year but ladies you are going to love it.

Kush apparel comfort tees fit you from head-to-toe. While Kush home & lifestyle is best described as simplistic comfortable, unique, and bold!

Lastly, as you may know, the FDA has banned a total of 20 hand sanitizers due to the wrong type of Ethanol used. While we don't know if this was due to carelessness or not. We can tell you that our Antimicrobial hand sanitizer is made with the help of natural products. We also pride ourselves in keeping the alcohol content at 72% by strict measuring. Our 'clean hands' sani-to-go hand sanitizer can be purchased at 1/2 dozen whole dozen and 2 dozens. We also offer a variety of masks from filters to stylish.

Wow, this was a long blog... but it's worth it to explain who we are and what we do. We hope that you come by and check us out! We love servicing you!

Family, Quality, and Culture Personified!

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