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Enjoy our coffees from around the world!


5 sample packs of our Indonesian sample will fulfill your senses guaranteed! Our Indonesian Coffee highlights a unique flavor palate: 


Bali- Has an anise flavor which add spice to the dark chocolate and vanilla bean flavors


Java- Is rich, low acidity, medium rich roast with notes of dark chocolate, cinnamon and hints of nougat


Papau New Guinea- has caramel and burnt sugar aroma. Berro, nut and malts leads the flavor  notes for this exquisite coffee. 


Sulawesi Toraja- Spicy, chocolaty and nutty leads the flavor notes for this coffee


Sumatra - The earthiness of this medium bodied cup really sets the tone for the flavor notes of orchid, orange and barest grapefruit. Light in the mouth and aftertaste


Indonesian Coffee Delight

SKU: ICS-00022-122
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Indonesian Coffee
$25.00every month until canceled
  • Roast-to-order means that we DO NOT touch the coffee beans UNTIL the consumer orders the desired coffee. We are able to roast in small batches, which makes our coffee high in quality and uniqueness in taste.

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