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Hit a home run with this extra coffee flavor! This CBD infused dark chocolate ganache like center, inside each of these beauties contain organic, fair-trade coffee and chocolate, creamy, organic coconut milk, and to give it that nice textured crunch. They've added organic, fair trade, cacao nibs. Not only will it satisfy those chocolate caraving but you'll also taste the boldness of the coffee and notice the delightful pairing of flavors with their high quality bitter-sweet chocolate. 


20 mg broad-spectrum CBD/ serving


Dietary: Vegan


Weight: 0.2lbs


Country of Production: Organic| Fair Trade | USA/Canada


Type: CBD


Ingredients: 66% dark chocolate, almond butter, cannabis hemp broad-spectrum CBD, cocoa powder, coconut oil, dried raspberries, Himalayan salt, maple syrup, rolled oats, vanilla extract


Allergen: Contains nuts, naturally gluten-free, soy-free


Coffee Crunch

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