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Not sure what to get? Well, try this 12 piece collection for size. 1 of each cbd confection is included. This is a perfect way to share with loved ones or to find out which is your favorite flavor. 


The value of a separate purchase is $82. Buy the collection and save at least $20.


20 mg broad-spectrum CBD/ serving x10 pcs

60 mg broad-spectrum CBD/ serving x 2 pcs

320 mg broad-spectrum CBD/pkg


Dietary: Vegan, naturally gluten-free, soy-free



Country of Production: Organic| Fair Trade | USA/Canada


Type: CBD


Ingredients: Please see each individual edible page for ingredients


Allergen: Contains nuts


12 Piece Collection

PriceFrom $64.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please allow an additional 3 - 8 business days for standard shipping.

    Due to COVID -19 Pandemic, please allow additional days for shipping.

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