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Enjoy our coffees from around the world!


3  super sample packs of our Caribbean sample will fulfill your senses guaranteed! Our Caribbean  Coffee highlights a unique flavor palate: 


*Jamaican- Many coffee lovers consider Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans to be the pinnacle of coffee. These beans are limited in availability but high in demand. The ideal growing conditions of the Blue Mountains (rich, well-drained soil, plenteous rainfall, and mild temperatures) make this coffee exceptional.


* PLEASE NOTE: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is subject to availability. If our Jamaican Blue Mountain is not available, we will substitute with more of the other selections in the Caribbean Sampler. 


Dominican Republic- Choose these beans if you prefer the sweet, nutty, smooth coffee typical of island coffee. When you buy our Dominican Republic beans, you can be assured that these beans are not just tasty, but fairly sourced.


Haiti- Haitian Coffee beans more resemble Jamaican beans than Dominican ones. As a result, you will notice many of the same flavor attributes of the Jamaican variety. While the balance is not as highly rated as their Jamaican counterpart, look for more sweetness. Other distinctives of Haitian beans are low acidity and medium complexity. These beans make for a very nutty and sweet cup of coffee with a mellow, creamy body and a smooth finish.



Caribbean Coffee Sample

SKU: CCS-00330--2212
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Caribbean Coffee
$32.50every month until canceled
  • Roast-to-order means that we DO NOT touch the coffee beans UNTIL the consumer orders the desired coffee. We are able to roast in small batches, which makes our coffee high in quality and uniqueness in taste.

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