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Here's to a new year filled with happiness and purpose for your life! We are so excited about the new year in spite of what we been through last year and what we have to face this year. The fact that you are alive and able to make it through another day is a blessing in itself.

With the new year, we also are introducing some new looks. For instance, did you get a chance to check out our new Profite$$ line? See below:

Our home decor has some new additions as well:

The Kush Exchange prides itself on bringing you new products that compliment your home and lifestyle. We are aiming to show more of our handcrafted products and unique styled products.

Oooh, and our chocolates are divine! We are so grateful that we have been able to carry a world-renowned chef Selassie Atadika owner of Midunu Restaurant and now Midunu chocolates. Midunu Chocolates are artisanal handcrafted chocolates that feature the flavors and essences of Africa. Made with Ghanaian cocoa, these complex spice blends embody the beautiful patchwork of Africa's culinary heritage. You can order directly from Midunu Chocolates or on our website here!

You can find our review of this exquisite chocolate on our Youtube Channel here and part II can be found here.

We've also added a bit of calming to our chocolate as well! What does that mean? Well, there's a difference between chocolate and chocLIT! We now carry CBD infused chocolates that are so yummy and organic! This chocolate is so good it should be illegal 😏❗

In these times of COVID, you do not want to run out of supplies. We have a monthly subscription you can purchase for our PPE Resource Kit- mask, face shield, gloves, and handcrafted hand sanitizer through our 'Clean Hands' brand. Check it out here:

Lastly, we are adding more coffees to our selection. You'll see our roll out real soon!


We really thank all of you for supporting our business and all other Black Businesses. As you know black businesses are getting hit hard especially during this time. Here's to a New Year of success and financial freedom!


The Kush Family

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